Checking In On The Most Popular D.C. Foursquare Venues

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Since launching last year, location-based social network foursquare has encouraged Facebook and Twitter users to use locations as context for their status updates. Over time, as it increased to more than two million global users, the data around where users check-in can actually give a cool sense of the landscape of where . There are also some cool search tools that plug into the network, and Nick Barron over at Examiner pulled in the data to identify the most popular venues around the District. The top 15 places he found in and around the D.C. area (excluding transportation stations):

  1. Nationals Park – 5,024 check-ins
  2. JR’s Bar & Grill – 3,059 check-ins
  3. The White House – 2,940 check-ins
  4. Verizon Center – 2,614 check-ins
  5. Whole Foods (P St NW) – 2,505 check-ins
  6. Washington Monument – 2,475 check-ins
  7. Nellie’s Sports Bar – 2,420 check-ins
  8. U.S. Capitol – 2,320 check-ins
  9. Lincoln Memorial – 2,125 check-ins
  10. 9:30 Club – 2,053 check-ins
  11. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – 1,903 check-ins
  12. The National Mall – 1,821 check-ins
  13. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum – 1,744 check-ins
  14. Tysons Corner Center – 1,706 check-ins
  15. Smithsonian National Museum of American History – 1,701 check-ins

I am a bit of a data geek, so I love looking at stuff like this to see what can be gathered. I see some interesting trends in here, specifically involving tourist locations, sports venues, and then a bulk of check-ins around the U. St. area (a more plugged in demographic, maybe?).  Nothing overly surprising – and if I was a guessing person, every Strasburg start will only help Nationals Park increase its lead.

Dave Levy is a PR guy by day, a media researcher on the side and a self-proclaimed geek. He blogs often about how traditional media adapts – or tries to adapt – to the growing digital media world at State of the Fourth Estate. You can follow Dave on Twitter for various updates about everything from sports from his previous home in Boston to eccentric and obscure pop culture references. Read why Dave loves D.C.

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  2. It is extremely noteworthy that #2 and #7, both District gay bars on 17th St and U St., respectively, are on the list. Teh gays are always ahead of the technology/shiny things curve.