Site of Robert Wone murder for sale

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’2009 05 09 – 5794 – Washington DC – Swann St’
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Via NBCWashington, I note that 1509 Swann St. NW, the house where Robert Wone was murdered in 2006, is now for sale. The listing makes no mention of the Wone killing, and since DC does not require that sellers disclose that someone died in the house, there’s no reason for it to. And if you were the realtor with the unhappy task of getting $1.6 million for the scene of a notorious unsolved murder, would you mention it?

Since there is no open house scheduled that gawkers can take advantage of—which is exactly why there is no open house—take a look at the online virtual house tour.* Having recently spent countless hours of my life poring over listings and photos of anonymous houses for sale, it’s a little surreal to look at the listing while knowing the strange and twisted story that goes with the photos. Like, “hey, so that’s the carport the intruder was supposed to have vaulted into…”

*Any cracks I make about parallels between staging a house and staging a crime scene are potentially libelous, so you’re on your own there.

Edited to add: While editing this post the first time, I cut out the link to, who of course noticed this listing before anybody. My apologies for the oversight.

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