Wilson Boulevard, Arlington Get More Rooftop Bars

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On a hot day like today, maybe sitting outside and enjoying a meal and brew seems a little much. Still, almost everyone loves a good rooftop bar, and it’s only been in recent memory that the Clarendon corridor of Wilson Boulevard has picked up some rooftops beyond the Ballroom. And even though Eventide added a roof to offer within more recent memory, you can never really have too many.

ARLnow is reporting that the ever awesome Whitlow’s will be the newest bar on the Wilson strip to add a rooftop seating area with full service. This comes shortly after the news that the property behind Papa John’s and Subway a little further down the street toward Courthouse will be the home of another establishment boasting some solid outdoor seating: the Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill.

Time to put together a happy hour out in Arlington once the summer heat fades a little, perhaps? Get your brown flip-flops ready, folks.

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