Verizon Center Adds Free WiFi

Photo courtesy of
‘Verizon Center – Chinatown’
courtesy of ‘BAR Photography’

You know, for a building nicknamed “the Phone Booth” thanks to the sponsor name on the side of it, you’d think that there would already be a pretty good wireless network inside of it. I was at least a little surprised to find out there hadn’t been one for the greater public, but as just announced, the building will now have a free WiFi network for patrons. In a post to his blog, Capitals, Wizards, Mystics and Verizon Center owner Ted Leonsis shared the news:

We have installed free, unrestricted wireless Internet access at Verizon Center, and it’s currently available for Mystics games and will be available for the upcoming Capitals and Wizards seasons. Our new FanAccess Wi-Fi network allows fans with wireless devises the ability to connect to the web from their seats.

This guy continues to be one of my favorite owners in all of sports.

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