“Threatening display of magazines” at Vince Gray’s home

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Just when I thought any mention of Ron Moten, Peaceoholics, and the DC mayoral race couldn’t get any weirder or more childish comes this report in the Examiner that on Thursday night, Vince Gray arrived home to find four copies of the Peaceoholics’ magazine on his storm door in the shape of an X. Really. That happened. And the poor Examiner reporter was forced to write, with a straight face, that it was a “threatening display of magazines.”

I know I shouldn’t be surprised by, well, anything at all associated with Ron Moten at this point, but this shows remarkable half-assedness. Trying to have it both ways never works- either you’re intimidating because you’re all gritty from your work with offenders and potential offenders, or you’re an upstanding member of the community who deserves to be taken seriously. Paying a house call to someone you don’t like and leaving magazines stuck to his door in the shape of a letter of the alphabet is just… cartoonish.

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2 thoughts on ““Threatening display of magazines” at Vince Gray’s home

  1. How can four magazines make an X? Wouldn’t it take five?

    X X
    X X

    Also, I think the Chinese restaurant by my house is threatening me, they keep putting fliers in my screen door!

  2. It wouldn’t necessarily take 5 if each of the four were rolled up, like so:

    But I agree, I clearly need to investigate my local Chinese restaurant places more closely.