Labor Day and College Football: Deal of the Week

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If you’ve been stalking college football’s offseason, you’ll know that one of the biggest early season games is happening right here in town. Boise State, a mid-major powerhouse (isn’t that an oxymoron?) and a preseason darling that could contend for the national title will be making their way across the nation to face off with one of the strongest and most consistent college football teams of the last decade, Virginia Tech. The Hokies will have somewhat of a home game on September 6th as local fans will head out to one of the two NCAA games that FedEx will host this season.

Don’t have tickets? SBNation has a pretty sweet deal that is worth checking out this week: club seats that normally run for $100 are available for only $60. Both of these teams are top ten ranked to start the season, and if you are interested in going, head over to and book your LFC tickets as early as possible.

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