District Taco Offers Free Tacos, Chips & Salsa For A Day If It Reaches 10,000 Followers

Full disclosure: I am a fan of District Taco. I am part of the NMS crew that make up the Mexican food cart’s biggest fans. We rallied for them when they got booted from Rosslyn. I am writing this post with a District Taco lunch in my stomach.

But don’t worry, what I’m about to say is something that is good for everyone if we can pull it off.

District Taco currently has around 1,800 followers on Twitter. They want to up that number significantly- say to about 10,000.

A very daunting task. But the rewards? Free tacos for a day.

That’s right. Free tacos, chips & salsa for a day if District Tacos gain the 8,000+ followers it needs to reach 10K.

Now who doesn’t love tacos? Who doesn’t love free tacos? And for those that have had the pleasure to have dined there, who doesn’t love a District Taco?

So round up your Tweeps- District Taco is looking for some followers and if you decided to help them out you could be enjoying free tacos.

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8 thoughts on “District Taco Offers Free Tacos, Chips & Salsa For A Day If It Reaches 10,000 Followers

  1. I’m sure the tacos are great, but they shouldn’t call them selves ‘District Taco’ when they don’t ever come to the district. False advertisement. Not surprising I suppose, considering the number of ppl I’ve met while on a trip who say they’re ‘from DC’ when they really mean NoVA.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been confused by that also. They’re called District Taco, their logo is an outline of DC, and yet they only seem to be in Virginia. I imagine the licensing involved makes it too difficult to roam between jurisdictions in the DMV. But perhaps Nova Tacos would be a more apt name.

  3. I am confused by the name also. are they coming into DC anytime soon?? I followed them a few weeks ago but they only ever seem to be in Ballston. seems like I SHOULD un-follow until they can cross into the district

  4. District Taco wants to run operations in DC but the wait for licenses in The District are notoriously long. Til then they have to run in NoVA.

  5. What a poor showing of a ‘story’.

    Disclosure or not, you’re using this to plug New Media Strategies and a paid promotion from your client. Can we all get our clients plugged for free as well please? No? Then please stop and get back to reasons why we actually might love DC instead of you doing your day job here.

  6. @Calling BS:

    I don’t believe that District Taco is a client of NMS, instead that due to the proximity of the NMS office to their cart’s location, they have become fans of the cart organically.

    We do not accept paid promotion or advertorial at We Love DC.

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