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District Taco: Now Actually In The District!

Photo courtesy of dmbosstone
District Taco (Washington, DC)
courtesy of dmbosstone

Last time I went off my beat and wrote about food truck District Taco, a lot of comments complained about the fact the taco totin’ food cart wasn’t actually located in The District. There was also a random accusation that I was a secret spokesperson for the local establishment. Sorry to say they don’t pay me, I’m just a fan.

Even though it would be wicked awesome if they did pay me to eat their tacos- that would be a great gig.

I’m happy to report that District Taco can now fully embrace their namesake. This week DT founders Osiris Hoil and Marc Wallace opened a new District Taco location near Metro Center near 13th & F St NW. The new store is the latest step of a remarkable story for Hoil, who was laid off from his construction job in 2008 and decided to start a Taco business with his best friend and neighbor Wallace.

I took some photos at a sneak peek of the restaurant last week check them out past the cut.

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This Week in Food

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‘Shake Shack’
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Burgers & More

In love with Shake Shack but can’t stand the long line? Maybe you will have better luck at Nationals Park, where the second Shake Shack opens next week along with Blue Smoke‘s barbecue, Box Frites (“Belgian-style fries and dipping sauces”) and El Verano Taqueria. Read more from EaterDC or check out Tom Sietsema’s review of the burgers here.

14th Street

Washington City Paper brings us some food news like always. We already knew that the Whisk Group abandoned its two tiered Italian food concept for the old Italian Shirt Laundry Space at 14th and Q Street NW. Now we’re told Starr Restaurant Group  from Philadelphia is close to signing a lease at that spot for its “super-French Parc concept.”

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Don’t Forget Austin Grill’s Food Truck!


Photo Courtesy Austin Grill

Well, maybe…

The yellow & red Austin Grill truck was trying to hit the streets today, but that’s now changed to “by March 15.” Let us know if you see it out!

The tex-mex chain, which first opened in 1988 in Glover Park, already has six locations in the DC area — so now seven if you count the truck. I must admit that I haven’t been to Austin Grill in years, but there is something interesting about the “trend” of brick and mortars turning to mobile vending. In February, Penn Quarter’s soon-to-be-open District of Pi sent its truck out to give away 36 free pizzas to hungry fans.

Austin Grill’s set of wheels will feature dishes from the restaurant’s regular menu — so burritos, sandwiches, burgers, wings, and more. You can track the AG Truck down by following it on Twitter and Facebook.

The strange thing is that writing this is making me crave District Taco, the fixed-address establishment that actually started as a food truck. Oh, doesn’t this just sound like the perfect time for traditional restaurants and trucks to get along? Yeah, probably not.

Too bad Austin Grill can’t sell its margaritas out of its truck…

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District Taco Offers Free Tacos, Chips & Salsa For A Day If It Reaches 10,000 Followers

Full disclosure: I am a fan of District Taco. I am part of the NMS crew that make up the Mexican food cart’s biggest fans. We rallied for them when they got booted from Rosslyn. I am writing this post with a District Taco lunch in my stomach.

But don’t worry, what I’m about to say is something that is good for everyone if we can pull it off.

District Taco currently has around 1,800 followers on Twitter. They want to up that number significantly- say to about 10,000.

A very daunting task. But the rewards? Free tacos for a day.

That’s right. Free tacos, chips & salsa for a day if District Tacos gain the 8,000+ followers it needs to reach 10K.

Now who doesn’t love tacos? Who doesn’t love free tacos? And for those that have had the pleasure to have dined there, who doesn’t love a District Taco?

So round up your Tweeps- District Taco is looking for some followers and if you decided to help them out you could be enjoying free tacos.

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Fear Not People Of Rosslyn, District Taco Will Be Back

Photo courtesy of
‘Taco Truck Love.’
courtesy of ‘nikkiprice’

Yesterday, I received a distressed email from a friend of mine about the fate of the much loved Rosslyn, VA breakfast burrito truck, District Taco (DT). And yes, I’m well aware of the hypocrisy of a taco truck calling itself “District Taco” when it primarily operates in the NoVa corridor. But a good breakfast burrito is a good breakfast burrito, and worth saving.

According to a message on District Taco’s facebook page, the next door Baja Fresh filed a complaint to Monday Properties, the company that rents DT its morning operational space, that DT was stealing too much of their business.  Consequentially, Monday Properties raised the rent on DT forcing the truck’s owner, Osiris Hoil, out of his usual Rosslyn morning location.

Really, Baja Fresh?!! Really?!! District Taco is “stealing” your business? Isn’t this just some plain, good old American capitalism? Was DT’s superior product hurting your little feelings? Perhaps, you should stop whining about DT and focus your efforts on making a better breakfast burrito. Bam!

Fortunately, via District Taco’s twitter account, Mr. Hoil has not given up on Rosslyn and his loyal breakfast followers.  He is currently working with Arlington to find a new location just down the street. Hope to see you back in action real soon, District Taco.