The Albert Haynesworth Story That Won’t Go Away

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All summer, local sports writers have been having a blast blasting away at Redskins’ All-Pro Tackle Albert Haynesworth. First, dating back to June, Haynesworth indicated to reporters that he had little interest in returning to Washington, holding out and demanding a trade back in June.

The deluge really started, though, as training camp approached and Haynesworth was prepping for his second season with the ‘Skins since signing a massive seven-year, $100m deal after the 2008 season. Or should I say, “not prepping for his second season with the ‘Skins.” When he showed to camp in late July, he seemed a little out of shape. As per team rules, he wouldn’t be allowed to practice until he completed the team training physical; well, it took him several tries. This is a test that Fox 5’s Lindsay Murphy nearly completed.

Don’t worry, the fun is far from over. After Saturday’s 23-3 preseason loss to the Ravens, a reporter caught up with Haynesworth (who contributed all of one sack in the game), and he commenced ripping into the team’s management for making him wait until the 3rd quarter to get some action:

Haynesworth said the Redskins were holding him out of practice as punishment for skipping the OTAs and mini-camps.

“I guess to make me look bad for not going to their offseason conditioning program,” he said. “Next year, I’m not coming either. I’ll be with my trainer again and come back in the same shape I’m in and feel good about myself.”

Haynesworth did not play in the first half against Baltimore and was upset he was on the field in the second half.

Notably, Haynesworth is disappointed in what he feels is a “singling out” by Coach Shanahan. Shanahan is sticking firmly behind his point (as the AP noted): Haynesworth will no longer get away with playing without practicing. The Redskins will be up at the new Meadowlands taking on the Jets in their third preseason game this Friday – the Haynesworth storyline will certainly be one that is followed all week so the fireworks are likely to continue.

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