Dan Snyder As a Washington Times Buyer?

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Excuse the use of the tea leaves image on this one, but as interesting as a stance as it is, Dave McKenna’s predictions over at City Paper that Dan Snyder may be eyeing the Washington Times may be little more than trying to read through the lines on the future for the second daily in town. Still, it’s an interesting theory on the future of TWT.

McKenna was inspired by a hint by DCRTV that a new buyer was lining up to pick up the newspaper, and then noted that there is at least one good, joking, reason why Redskins owner Dan Snyder could be the man behind a deal: “a track record of making horrible business decisions.” Beyond the joke, there is at least some other evidence that Snyder may be interested or involved. For one thing, at last spring’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner, Snyder showed up (with a few Redskins in two) – and sat at the Washington Times table. Further, Snyder actually canceled an appearance with Washington Post editors earlier this month.

There is still some value with the Times, even if it is suffering the same uphill battle as much of the print industry, and interestingly, it involves a sports section that hasn’t existed since earlier this year. Thanks to Tom for pointing out one thing in which Dan Snyder have legitimate interest: a Google search for “Washington DC Sports News” still puts the Times atop the results. In the Internet era, that’s lots of SEO capital that can’t be replicated from the ground up, especially for a profesionall sports owner.

Rumors? Sure. But prognostication in the August dog days are sometimes what we face.

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