2-for-1 handcuffs with Living Social and Visa

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So if you’re not reading this in your RSS reader, you can see the prominent LivingSocial ads on our site. We Love DC has an affiliate relationship with LivingSocial, which is why I happen to know that if you buy today’s deal for the National Crime & Punishment Museum with your Visa card, you’ll get two of them, so you can give one to a friend. And since the deal includes “a free pair of handcuffs,” it may be appropriate for a very special friend indeed.

As I said, we’re a LivingSocial affiliate, so I freely admit that we make money when you click the ad and buy the deal. So think of it as an opportunity to not only send a friend a pair of handcuffs, but to also buy a beer for your favorite WLDC writer. And if this blatantly commercial conflict of interest skeeves you out but you still want the handcuffs, I question your skeeve-priorities but welcome you to go directly to LivingSocial.com and avoid sending us any filthy lucre.

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