Roger Clemens Will Be Arraigned in D.C. This Afternoon For Lying to Congress

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After the fall out from the MLB steroid era of the 90s, there were three different types of villains. There were the Barry Bonds types of the world, the silent, near unapologetic – but at least they didn’t fan any flames beyond stoicism. There were those who just wanted it to go away, like Rafael Palmeiro and Mark McGwire. And then there were those who were so adamant about their innocence that it almost seemed like there was too much, so arrogant in their own defense that something was amiss.

The banner case for that last group may be Roger Clemens. During Congressional steroid investigations late last decade, Clemens was brought in for a deposition, but then personally decided that he wasn’t making his case clearly enough and chose on his own power to go before a Congressional hearing to defend himself and his purity. Two and a half years after testifying on Capitol Hill, Clemens has been called back to D.C. – to be arraigned on charges that he perjured himself during that testimony. The Rocket will be arraigned for six counts related to that February 2008 appearance later today, and the trial would pick up again next spring.

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  1. I was decently close was referring to him as the unlikely honest one, but try my best to avoid acknowledging how terrifyingly right he has been.