Checking Times on Meters, Crystal City Edition

Photo printed with permission from Ryan C.

Those fancy new meters popping up around Arlington over the past year have definitely been easier on the coin collection stashed away in Virginian cupholders, but nobody ever said that those machines needed to understand how the 12-hour clock cycle. Hawk tipster Ryan C. picked up on one small issue with the meters that have been installed down in the southern parts of Arlington:

These two shots were taken on South Eads Street right by the Crystal City Metro station and close to the nightlife of 23rd Street. While the big sign states that you can park for 12 hours, the sign above where you actually pay for your meter says you only have to pay from 8am – 6 pm or a total of 10 hours. Smart business by Arlington County or epic fail?

Of course, it’s all in the details, and this is why you always check the meter before loading it down with change for the day.

Photo printed with permission from Ryan C.

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One thought on “Checking Times on Meters, Crystal City Edition

  1. I don’t understand what the problem is? You only have to pay for 10 hours, but there is still a 12 hour limit. Imagine you pull up at 8am and park all day… at 6pm you can stop feeding the meter, but at 8pm your time has expired, you have to move. Similarly, if you pull up at 6pm, you’ll have to move by 6am the next morning, even though you never put a dime into the machine.