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Labor Day weekend is traditionally recognized as the End Of Summertime. School starts again, the weather (reportedly) begins to cool, and collectively we put away the swimsuits and get down to the business of life. In their quest to document summer’s last grasp, our pool of photographers did not disappoint: Many went to the beach and found some great ways to capture the atmosphere.

But it’s this shot at Rehoboth Beach by MudflapDC that I kept coming back to. Katy stands defiant in the surf, a wave from Hurricane Earl tumbling toward her, seconds away from contact. Katy doesn’t seem to mind, and she seems to be facing the looming wave like more of us should face everything life throws at us: “Show me what you’ve got, Mother Nature. I’ll just stand here unphased.”

I like to think the wave hit, maybe Katy lost her balance a little, and as the water faded back out to sea, Katy stood there smiling, waiting for the sun to dry her off.

Erin McCann

Erin takes pictures. Lots of them. And then she tweets about them.

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