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Labor Day weekend is traditionally recognized as the End Of Summertime. School starts again, the weather (reportedly) begins to cool, and collectively we put away the swimsuits and get down to the business of life. In their quest to document summer’s last grasp, our pool of photographers did not disappoint: Many went to the beach and found some great ways to capture the atmosphere. Continue reading

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Has Spring Sprung?

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We’re one week away from springing forward, three weeks away from cherry blossoms, the temperature is above 50 and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some flowers poking up from the ground.  I think that it’s almost safe to call it: spring has arrived.  What’s more is that mild temperatures will prevail for the rest of the week.  It looks like the sun will give way to rain in the coming days, but hopefully that will melt the brown snow in my yard.  Even if winter rears its ugly head once more (God forbid) I’m still going to enjoy what we’ve got going.  So, I’m off to lunch outside, suckas.

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Warm, Sunny Weekend Ahead!

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So, folks, it looks like this weekend will be (fingers crossed, knock on wood) WARM! Say whaaat? That’s right, it’ll be a reasonable temperature to be outdoors. So dust off those walking shoes, oil up your bike chains, and head out for some much-missed vitamin D.

I’d recommend heading over to Roosevelt Island, going for a run down the Mount Vernon Trail. Or head down to the national mall to take a stroll through the US Botanic Gardens‘ outdoor garden. Or, you could head out on your bike to the various area trails.

Here’s wishing you some happy sunshine this weekend…