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Shake and Stretch, Alfresco

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Nothing freshens up a workout like taking it outside! Starting today, and continuing every July Wednesday from noon to 1 p.m., the lucky folks near Crystal City can take a free outdoor Zumba Latin-infused dance class in the courtyard at 2345 Crystal Drive. In August, Zumba switches to Hot Yoga.

No worries about going back to work all hot and sweaty — you can use the shower at nearby Sport & Health for free.

Prefer to unwind after work? On Mondays, starting July 6, you can do yoga-inspired stretching in the courtyard between 18th and Bell Sts. at 7:45 p.m., just before Crystal Screen Superhero-themed movie starts. Stretch, then movie. Yawn! Ahhh….

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Screen on the Green bailout in the works?

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The Kennedy Center is working on a plan to run a variation on “Screen on the Green” according to a source at the  National Journal’s Hotline. They reported today in their Wake Up Call! section (behind the paywall) that Kennedy Center officials are looking for a big sponsor to sign on before they’ll commit and there’s discussions already in progress with several possibles. The location is apparently not graven in stone, but it might be on the terrace overlooking the Potomac, which would be lovely.

[edited slightly to clarify attribution]

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HBO’s Screen on the Green cancelled for 2009

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HBO has cancelled the long-running Screen on the Green program for 2009, according to a representative from HBO’s consumer affairs department.

Reader TJ tipped us that we should look into this; someone at the National Mall permits desk told him HBO was no longer sponsoring the event. A call to the hotline at 877-262-5866 still yielded the old 2008 schedule, but if you stay on the line all the way through you can get connected to consumer affairs. Representative Melana confirmed for me that the program had been cancelled. No word on if it will return.

UPDATE: If you’re looking for a replacement outdoor screening option Katie wrote about two happening just across the river in Crystal City and Rosslyn, both metro-accessible.

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Warm, Sunny Weekend Ahead!

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So, folks, it looks like this weekend will be (fingers crossed, knock on wood) WARM! Say whaaat? That’s right, it’ll be a reasonable temperature to be outdoors. So dust off those walking shoes, oil up your bike chains, and head out for some much-missed vitamin D.

I’d recommend heading over to Roosevelt Island, going for a run down the Mount Vernon Trail. Or head down to the national mall to take a stroll through the US Botanic Gardens‘ outdoor garden. Or, you could head out on your bike to the various area trails.

Here’s wishing you some happy sunshine this weekend…