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DC Yoga Week, May 15 – 21

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Between cursing Metro and trying to be understood in a city full of budding and boring politicos, we all could use a good cleansing breath and a quiet moment. Let out a sigh and get your pranayama on, get down with your downward dog and get ready for DC Yoga Week.

Although rain and a muddy Mall cancelled this year’s Yoga on the Mall, you still have five days to get in some quality time on your mat. Don’t forget the yoga flashmob on Saturday at 10 AM if you’re really feeling bold.

Throughout the week there free and $5 classes for both beginners and experienced yogis, and the goal of the week is to promote awareness about the benefits of yoga. Ten yoga studios throughout the city are participating this year and are offering a range of classes, including introductory classes, prenatal yoga, and gentle yoga. Plus, the classes are offered during a variety of times. See you on the mat, my fellow yogis.

Food and Drink

Time Out: Yoga for Foodies

Yoga for Foodies

David Romanelli leads a yoga pose. Photo credit: Lindley Thornburg

When you go to an event called “Yoga for Foodies,” it’s hard to know just what to expect. Is someone going to pop a chocolate-dipped strawberry in your mouth as you strike a triangle pose? Is it going to be pretentious? And most of all, are you going to have to sit in a fancy restaurant in your yoga clothes, all sweaty after an hour of backbends and other contortions?

Thankfully, at last Friday’s event at Zola with David Romanelli, the answer to all those questions was no. The food followed the class, the atmosphere was relaxing, dinner was served in a private space near the yoga floor, and the class was calm enough to leave us un-mussed. Whew.

What Romanelli delivered was a time-out, a chance to stretch quietly after a busy week, lie on the floor, and really listen to him. His mission, he said, was simple: To help us slow down and savor life.
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Yum Yum Yoga

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Tomorrow night, you’ve an option to get very relaxed and happy, when a Yoga for Foodies event comes to Zola.

David Romanelli, who co-founded Yoga + Chocolate, will lead a one-hour flowing yoga class, to stretch your consciousness and your tummy for the three-course dinner that will follow. The menu is chock full of fresh, local, seasonal food, such as an oyster salad, dandelion greens, and strawberry and rhubarb gratin.

His plan is to make you aware of what you’re eating, where it comes from, and how it makes you feel. Which likely will be mmm, mmm good.

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Stretch for a Cause: Miriam’s Kitchen

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Nicole dropped us a note to let us know about a fundraiser Miriam’s Kitchen is doing this evening in partnership with Evolve Yoga. Come by the Dupont-area studio at 7p for an hour & fifteen minutes of yoga tonight, Oct 30th, and Evolve will donate your entire session fee to Miriam’s Kitchen.

2024 P Street, NW

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Splish Splash Statues..and Free Yoga Mats

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Over the years, artists have tried to capture the magic of water in myriad ways. Sergio Martinez chose bamboo and organic hemp rope. His sustainably made eco-statues now leap over walkways at, fittingly, the Crystal City WaterPark, near Crystal Drive and S. 18th St.

Come by tonight from 5-7 p.m., and you can meet the artist himself. Sport & Health will lead “a yogic commemoration reflective of the eco-art.” And they’re giving away free yoga mats. Boat pose, anyone?

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Shake and Stretch, Alfresco

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Nothing freshens up a workout like taking it outside! Starting today, and continuing every July Wednesday from noon to 1 p.m., the lucky folks near Crystal City can take a free outdoor Zumba Latin-infused dance class in the courtyard at 2345 Crystal Drive. In August, Zumba switches to Hot Yoga.

No worries about going back to work all hot and sweaty — you can use the shower at nearby Sport & Health for free.

Prefer to unwind after work? On Mondays, starting July 6, you can do yoga-inspired stretching in the courtyard between 18th and Bell Sts. at 7:45 p.m., just before Crystal Screen Superhero-themed movie starts. Stretch, then movie. Yawn! Ahhh….

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VA Yoga Week

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Yogis and NoVa dwellers, take note: this week is Virginia Yoga Week. The Web site says, “Participating studios and independent teachers are asked to offer one free class during the week and one five dollar class each day. Finish this fabulous week with an afternoon of free yoga on Sunday, June 28 from 3-5pm in the fresh air on the Market Square in Historic Old Town Alexandria.”

After the week DC has already had (and we’re not even halfway through!) this sounds like a good way to destress!

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Bliss Out(side) in Mt. Pleasant

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The first yoga studio in Mt. Pleasant has just opened opens soon, serving yogis at all levels, and it does sound fun. Classes include Strong Hold for athletic types, Virgin Yoga for newbies, and a jammin’ Friday Happy Hour with a Top 40, alternative or R&B soundtrack.

Past Tense is at 3235 Mt. Pleasant Ave., three blocks from the Columbia Heights Metro.

On Tuesday at 7 p.m., they’ll be having a free class outside at Lamont Park (17th and Lamont). And they’ll be taking pictures that they promise will not make your butt look big. Yay for yoga!

Update: They believe the studio will open June 25, so keep an eye on their site.