The Glory of Gold Pants

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Photo originally appeared on Washington Post’s DC Sports Bog

Expect a little more on the Redskins opening night victory over rival Dallas when the Sports Fix gets rolled out, but there is at least one point worth discussing before we get to the coverage of the game itself: the glory of the gold pants that the ‘Skins trotted out in last night. I’m a sucker for nostalgia, and even though I am not a native of the area, I know that the classic Redskins look is one of the greatest in NFL history. Dan Steinberg had been tracking the signs that a home uniform surprise may be in the works since early in the summer, and his sleuthing was proved last right night as the “gold” (alright, they’re a little more yellow, but still) hit the field.

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch commented on the minutiae of the uniforms this morning, and I agree with him when he says,”all of a sudden the ’Skins have one of the best home looks in the league.” What do you think?

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