Soda or Pop (or None of the Above)?

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‘Soda jerker flipping ice cream into malted milk shakes. Corpus Christi, Texas (LOC)’
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Is it the most scientific research? Nah. Nor is it the most recent. Doesn’t mean we can’t get a lighthearted conversation going with the Primary behind us, and it’s still a very cool example of crowdsourcing that’s bubbling up now across a few different blogs nationwide.

Using some contextual clues based on Web-language around the United States and a less than exact survey, researchers plotted the nomenclature that different areas of the country use to describe soft drinks. The result is one pretty excellent and awesome map that breaks down who calls bubbly drinks “Soda,” “Pop,” “Coke” or something else.

Looking closely at the map, you’ll note that DC is one of the most diverse regions (likely due to the conglomeration of Yankees like me who know Soda is correct and Midwesterners who confuse a beverage with their father):

Map created by Pop Vs. Soda

So, loyal We Love DC readers – what is it? If anyone says Tonic, I’ll be decently upset.

H/t Chicagoist via The Big Lead

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11 thoughts on “Soda or Pop (or None of the Above)?

  1. When I go to a restaurant at home and order coke, I get asked what kind. It is perfectly acceptable to then say Sprite :-) If its carbonated it is Coke!

  2. Who actually calls their father pop, seriously? I use a couple teaspoons of soda every time I make cake.

  3. Soda or Coke or gingerale. My taste does not include a big menu! Also, where did the saying “a coffee” come from. I alway said and say “let’s get Some coffee”. Anyone agree?

  4. It is Soda. I lived in Wisconsin for four years and could never bring myself to say “Pop” when ordering at restaurants.

  5. I am from NYC and it’s soda. Coke is a type of soda and pop makes you sound like a hick (no offense to the pop group) :)