Baltimore Rock Opera Society throws goat at H St. Fest

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On Saturday, the H Street Festival introduced me to, as a friend put it, “the greatest thing since things became good.” What is this wonder of awesomeness you ask? The Baltimore Rock Opera Society, my friends. They write and perform original rock operas in venues around the Baltimore area. Yes, they are in Baltimore and thus outside the usual geographic focus for our DC-lovin’ website, but can you seriously tell me you wouldn’t travel to see kitschy homemade valkyrie costumes and fake guitars shaped like giant meat cleavers featured in an original rock opera?

Their “booth” at the festival was right next to Joy of Motion’s , which meant they had to take turns with the dance studio’s cha-cha demonstrations to blast their pounding speakers of rock doom while playing air-er, cleaver guitar and posting for photo-ops with festival attendees around their skull-adorned metalmobile.

But really, don’t rely on my inadequate descriptions. View some photos of the BROS taken at the Festival this weekend.

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