Redskins Cheat Sheet: Week 3 @ St. Louis

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All fall long – or at least until the Caps get going again – the Redskins tend to dominate Monday morning chatter in the offices around the District. Win or lose, the Cheat Sheet is here to help you fake your way through any awkward water cooler conversations that come up today.

So. That actually just happened. The Rams had lost 14 straight at home, were breaking in a rookie quarterback and hadn’t won in September since 2006. In come the Redskins, and the Rams shake off the cobwebs behind rookie QB Sam Bradford to pull down a W.

Instead of a bullet point guide this week, it may be easier to decide what kind of fan you want to be this Monday. Your guide, after the jump.

Quasi-Rational Redskins Fan: Even though the Redskins have lost two straight, it isn’t all terrible. Just partially. McNabb completed nearly 60 percent of his passes, and  even though he had a pick, he had one TD to go with it. The offense on the team isn’t generally the problem (until third down), and Graham Gano has shown that he can split the uprights over and over. This team can score points, something that’s been missing around here for a few seasons, and with a full slate of divisional rivals to play, Week 3 is no time to start booking golf for January.

Completely Crazy Irrational Redskins Fan: Anyway you slice it, the first three weeks have had a little bit of everything. Some argue (like Hogs Haven) that the Week 1 win against Dallas was lucky, and the ‘Skins should be staring down 0-3. If you find yourself talking to these fans, your best bet is to blame the defense, mainly for their complete inability to get even the most inept offenses off the field. Scapegoat here? Perhaps Jim Haslett, the defensive coordinator.

Glass-Half-Full Redskins Fan: Don’t think this exists this week. Sorry. Even a great game by Santana Moss isn’t enough to make people feel better about next week’s game against the all-of-a-sudden high flying Philadelphia Eagles. Confidence is pretty low right now, and if you’re going to fake being a Redskins fan…don’t be this one.

That’s it. We’ll be back next Monday to guide you through the result of the first trip back to Philly for Donovan McNabb.

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