Southwest’s Acquistion of Airtran Means It Will Fly From DCA

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Let the bargain airline battle begin at National. Earlier this year, JetBlue announced that it would start running shuttles from Reagan National to two cities – Boston and Orlando. For any who prefer the discount line, saving a trip out to Dulles was an automatic plus. Depending on your airline preference, though, that may not have solved your bargain hunting ways.

As noted yesterday in Patrick’s Twitter round-up, the first question many DCites had about Southwest’s acquisition of Airtran involved what the future would hold for the latter’s existing gates at DCA. Well, wonder no more: Southwest CEO Gary Kelly appeared on Good Morning America this morning and commented that his airline would assume service of those gates at Reagan. SeekingAlpha even highlighted this among reasons why Southwest was attracted to the airline in the first place.

Group A, you may now board without first trekking to Baltimore.

Update: This did in fact originally read ATA. Corrected thanks to our commenters.

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