Would Rahm Emanuel Leave DC To Try for Chicago Mayorship?

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‘Rahm Emanuel 5’
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It’s the age-old-DC-question: how long do people actually stay residents of this town anyway? Apparently, the query extends from Hill staffers all the way to the President’s immediate advisor, and the rumors have been flying today that Rahm Emanuel will resign from his post at the White House to move back to Chicago and run for mayor of the Windy City.

News organizations from around the Western Hemisphere have been working to read the tea leaves about Emanuel. His future still very much hangs in the “pondering” department, and no one has really nailed down any reports that he will in fact hang up the executive position.  The AP reported he has tried to get back his old apartment in Chitown (no luck), but at least the BBC used the greatest moniker ever to describe the report in its story (calling Rahm “a ‘Profane’ Piledriver).

If this is the end, thanks for making our fair city just a little bit more like Ari Gold’s offices in Entourage (that’s in my head, and yes, that character was based on Rahm’s brother). Think he gets a write-in campaign in Chicago a la Fenty no matter what?

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