I-270 closed due to tour bus crash

All lanes in both directions on I-270 have been closed for the rescue operation of a tour bus that drove off the side of the HOV sky ramp from 495. It landed on the 270 spur, just below the split. One person has been confirmed dead

The bus had been chartered for a school trip from Carlisle, PA, and according to TBD’s twitter, was carrying 8 and 9 year olds. I’m also hearing reports that the reason for the accident was the driver’s medical emergency, and that the driver is the one confirmed death. View the traffic camera.

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5 thoughts on “I-270 closed due to tour bus crash

  1. I think buses should have co-drivers much as airplanes have co-pilots. Dual controls so one can take over if the other is incapacitated.

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  3. For sure I am sad to see this or any accident as far as that goes. I must say that we here in Montgomery County continue to violate our duty as one of the “Gate Keepers” to our nations capitol.
    We should have the best roads in the country but they remain tied up with the massive federal work force. People from other states need to be able to get in and out of town with out having a load of grief. Sounds like the driver had a medical emergency. I would step up the physical exams on those charged with transporting our young or anyone for that manner. Let us make it a goal to examine the various agencies that work in and around DC and make it a project to move someo them out of town and spread the wealth of having federal jobs to some of the other states and cities. They do not all need to be here.

    Jim Goff – Germantown

  4. Here, here!! I agree with Jim. Working here is a nightmare because of the traffic. It is definately a challenge for the people who are acclimated to the aggressiveness of local drivers and certainly must be much worse for those who travel from more rural areas to visit our capital. Let’s stop bringing more and more federal jobs to such a concentrated area. Not only will it alleviate the horrible commute, it will share federal employment dollars with other states and perhaps mitigate the high value terrorist target we all are. And since we’re on that subject of roadway congestion, why aren’t there more commuter vans out there? One van can eliminate 12 personal vehicles. It seems the personal convenience of driving oneself outweighs the greater good of reduced energy consumption.

  5. My husband has been stuck on 495 for 3 hours trying to get home. I do hope none of the kids was injured!!