More DC-themed art for your dwelling’s beautification

As you may have guessed from our many posts on the topic, we’re suckers for DC-themed art around here. So when the submit-a-story email came through about Big Nickel Graphics’ DC Metro posters printed on metallic paper, I bought two, before even sharing the info with you, our readers. How’s that for selfish?

Kyle Smallegan, CEO of Big Nickel Graphics, attended George Washington University and took the Metro everywhere he went while living here (9 years, including the time at GW). He says, “Waiting for the trains…as you always have to do… gave me plenty of time to stare at the Metro map and I always thought it would make a really cool poster that I could sell (and a better piece of modern art) if you took all of the “crap” off it and just had the colored lines.”

Big Nickel had some success on Etsy, but now they’re trying to make it successful enough to quit their day jobs. To that end, they’ll be introducing some new lines in the coming months, including a series which will feature a city’s flag design, formed out of various nicknames for that city. Which means in a couple of months I will be sending Smallegan and his partner, graphic designer Justin Duimstra, yet more money.

The posters come in a variety of color schemes and city maps. In addition to the standard colors used on the city’s actual transit map on a pearlescent white paper, more abstract designs featuring single color map markings on a vibrant color of paper are available as well. You can get them as regular posters, mounted on café board, or on gallery-wrapped canvas.

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