Public Access at the White House Lawn Next Weekend

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‘Summer Event on the South Lawn – White House’
courtesy of ‘R2DC’

As has gone in the fall and spring in the past, garden tours of the White House will be held next weekend, October 16-17. Sure, it’s a little touristy, but it could be a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon if the weather stays in control. It is the White House, though, and FishbowlDC was kind enough to pass on the reminder on banned items on the grounds (emphasis theirs to make sure you leave all balloons at home):

The List of Forbidden Objects

Aerosols of any kind
Animals (except guide dogs)
Backpacks (oversized)
Beverages of any kind
Chewing gum
Duffle bags/suitcases
Any pointed object
Electric stun guns
Food of any kind
Knives of any kind

If you leave all those things at home and want to check it out, be sure to get to the Visitor Pavillion at 15th and E early next weekend. NPS will hand out tickets for free starting at 8 a.m. – one per person and first come first serve.

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One thought on “Public Access at the White House Lawn Next Weekend

  1. That’s the Ellipse Visitor Pavilion just south of the South Lawn, near the National Christmas Tree.

    It’s actually a neat experience — I recommend it.