Police seek owner of lost baseball card collection

image of found baseball cards courtesy of MPD

So… did you lose/throw away a big box of baseball cards recently? According to an alert MPD is circulating around its various mailing lists, these cards were found in East Potomac Park near the tennis area and were turned in as found property of potential value.

MPD has made some photos available to help the owner identify his or her property, but the alert also specifies that the owner will need to provide additional information about the contents of the collection beyond what’s visible in the photos in order to claim the box.

The former baseball card collectors among the WLDC authors insist that the collection is worthless, but it may have some sentimental value for someone. Or they could have been trying to pitch it and it just ended up in the wrong place.

Are they yours?

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2 thoughts on “Police seek owner of lost baseball card collection

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  2. There’s no way to determine whether these cards are “worthless” unless you know what’s exactly in the collection. With hundreds of cards there, there could be some $3 or $5 cards — or maybe more — and that can add up.