I Bless the Rains: Region Drought Concerns Quelled By Recent Storms

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‘Umbrella vs. fire truck’
courtesy of ‘theqspeaks’

The smart folks over at the Capital Weather Gang have been reminding us through the week that the recent rains have been much needed. On the year, it’s been abnormally dry (hard to believe, given the thunder shows and thunder snows of the last nine or so months). Thanks to to the ridiculous amounts of rain over the last 10 days – well clear of five inches of precipitation – things have gotten a little bit closer to where they should be in terms of the annual rainfall.

Check the image after the jump to see just how much better things look in a rainy week’s time (embedded in the original CWG post and from the U.S. Drought Monitor):

The U.S. Drought Monitor for Sept. 28 and Oct 5 in Md., D.C., and Va.

I guess the question, as it has been all year: what other weather phenomenon do you have up there? Bring it, we ain’t worried.

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