Gray campaign moves ward town hall meetings out of schools

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Vince Gray’s campaign will be moving its remaining ward town hall meetings out of the schools they were originally scheduled to be in. District law prohibits city property from being used for partisan political purposes and the campaign had been criticized for holding campaign events there.

Since the practical reality of politics in DC is that Vince Gray is the de facto mayor-elect, I’d be inclined to roll my eyes at this as a technicality being overblown by sore losers, except that I went to the Ward 5 town hall and sat through half an hour of my Councilman, Harry Thomas Jr., literally leading the crowd in chanting Gray’s “One City” campaign slogan in between re-stating his flowery endorsement of the candidate.

It’s not that the Democratic nominee for Mayor of DC shouldn’t be absolutely free to hold a campaign rally in each ward. It’s that rallies and town hall meetings are not the same thing, and it’s a distinction that deserves to be observed, particularly when making use of public school facilities, utilities, janitorial resources, etc.

The campaign is in the process of moving the remaining town halls that were scheduled to be in schools; some locations are still listed as “TBD.”

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