McRib Spotted in DC

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It’s a Tuesday afternoon, I’ve worked straight through lunch except for a vending machine field trip, and I’m going a little crazy because way too many of the blogs I check for either work or other writing are focusing too closely on food. Even the tech blogs I read to follow trends are keyed in on it. Case and point – Geekosystem, which just documented the oh-so-triumphant return of the McRib to the Land of the Golden Arches:

In what is quite possibly the most important information the human race has been privileged to hear this year, McDonald’s announced that their McRib sandwich will be back for the first time in sixteen years, nationwide, for about six weeks…Due to the edible wonderment and the mysterious availability of the sandwich, it sprung a rabid (for boneless pork shaped into a ribcage) fan base, even causing people to create and maintain the McRib Locator, a website that apparently gets 300 to 400 hits a week where people document McRib sightings so other addicted consumers can drive hours on end to obtain the barbecued holy grail.

My curiosity was officially piqued, so I did what any nowhere-near-sane-minded person would do. I loaded up the Locator and zoomed right in on the DC region to see if the McRib fix was already within my reach. And what do I see?

It looks like the map pinpoint is a smidge off, but the search engines tell me that there is in fact a McDonalds in that general area just a block a way on Minnesota Ave. In fact, it’s just around the corner from Ray’s East River. This leads me to question one thing: could this be the culinary center of the District?

And they say America has an obesity problem.

Screenshot taken from the McRib Locator at about 2:30.

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  2. Thank you so much for this. McRib will fix all of our worldly problems. Michael Darpino has been spreading the word via facebook.

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