City Paper looks into Brickskeller’s future

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If you haven’t seen it already, Tim Carman’s article in the City Paper about the future of the Brickskeller is worth a read, even if you’re not a beer drinker. Go read it; I’ll wait.

It’s a pity that an institution as beloved and revered as the Brickskeller has been reduced to this point- when I moved here, my friends in town spoke rapturously about it despite the fact that it was clearly in decline even then. I’m not a beer drinker, but as someone who is married to a beer enthusiast and socializes with many others, I know it’s been years since we suggested that any of our beer-loving friends from out of town visit the Brick for anything other than its landmark value.

What do y’all think? What should happen to the Brickskeller name? Should the Alexanders give up and sell the name with the place? Or do you think there’s hope for the location under a new name (and a retrofit, and possibly a fumigation)?

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