I Never Had a Motorcade for Parent-Teacher Conferences

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‘Presidential Motorcade’
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Motorcades are one of those distinctly DC things that make morning traffic through the District even more fun. This morning, if you were on the Maryland side of things, you may have had a little extra company as President Obama and the First Lady took off from the White House early this morning to visit with Sasha and Malia’s teachers at Sidwell. West Wing Reports on Twitter indicated that they left fairly early (around 7:15 a.m.), and, as the Associated Press added, the couple stopped by Sasha’s elementary school before meeting with Malia’s educators.

Given the era in which we live, some cable talking heads will argue that this is just the President trying to push more of his current education platform through example, but the timing is more convenient than political. The Obamas have consistently attended their daughters’ conferences as long as 44 has been in office, including earlier this year in the spring semester.

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