Nickles threatens CM Thomas with subpoena

As a ward 5 resident, I’ve been watching the story about the DC Attorney General’s investigation into Council Member Harry Thomas’ “Team Thomas” nonprofit corporation that doesn’t have all its paperwork in order. The one Thomas’ opponent has accused him of using as a “slush fund,” while the council member insists it’s for community projects.

Whether it’s a real case of wrongdoing or just some lost paperwork used for political purposes, AG Peter Nickles seems to be ready to take it into an actual courtroom. Nickles is threatening Thomas with a subpoena if the council member doesn’t produce documentation pertaining to Team Thomas donors and leadership immediately in response to previous request. Thomas insists he needs more time to get it together. Which COULD be construed to mean, “I need more time because the documents don’t actually exist,” or it could mean, “I need more time because I didn’t hire a professional to keep track of this stuff for me and the paperwork is lost in my house somewhere.” Or, you know, anything in between. But Nickles has a point that this is the kind of documentation nonprofits are required to keep as a matter of course, and a well-run one would be able to pull this paperwork out of a file fairly quickly.

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