Comedy in DC: Memorial Edition

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I frequently joke about how dysfunctional and antisocial a lot of standup comedians are. It’s an incredibly isolating medium; Steve Martin says, “Doing comedy alone onstage is the ego’s last stand.” Developing an art form that is almost universally performed solo, where success is determined entirely by whether roomful after roomful of strangers laugh, takes a particular kind of personality that is simultaneously indifferent to company but thrives on approval. That comedians tend to spend time with other comedians isn’t just an accident of who their coworkers are; it’s a community made up of people who get it.

So when local open mic regular Shane Artim died unexpectedly in August, the local comedy community was pretty shaken. The comedians who frequent the Eleventh Street Lounge open mic in Clarendon are holding their showcase in Artim’s memory next Thursday, November 11th, at 8:30PM. The show is free, but the organizers will be accepting donations in Artim’s memory for his alma mater, Temple University.The lineup is pretty good; made up of comics who appear at Eleventh regularly. A few samples for your contemplation:

Mike James (formerly known as Eltringham)

Tyler Sonnichsen

Jessica Brodkin

The show is metro-accessible, there are happy hour specials at Eleventh, and it’ll be a bunch of practiced local comics giving their best for one of their own. What’s not to love about that?

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