Travel + Leisure Thinks We’re Ugly

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‘fugly duckling.’
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As WTOP depressingly reported, DC was ranked as the sixth least attractive city in the nation by Travel + Leisure’s America’s Favorite Cities survey. This poor showing should come as a surprise to absolutely no one who has lived here for more than five minutes. As someone once told me, Washington is the Hollywood for ugly people. We’ve got a lot of power and gravitas, but good looks we do not.

We also didn’t score very well for style or friendliness, but won with flying colors for museums/galleries (#1), historical sites/monuments (#1) and cultural getaways (#2). So I guess that makes us ugly but interesting. We’re the “but (s)he has a great personality” of cities, if you will. Better than nothing, right?

Rebecca Gross

Raised in nearby MoCo, Rebecca happily jumped the District line in 2005. When not stuck behind a computer, she can be found exploring the city’s many wonders, usually with her trusty canine sidekick Jasper Jones. Questions, comments, concerns? Email her at RebeccaGross (at)

7 thoughts on “Travel + Leisure Thinks We’re Ugly

  1. I like my survey better because it justified my using a photo whose title is “Fugly Duckling.” Pretty sure that was the highlight of my blogging career.

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  3. Under “Microbrew Beer” we’re listed below Salt Lake City. I don’t think we need to worry about putting bags on our heads just yet….

  4. Weren’t we also recently ranked one of the fittest cities? We are a district of But’her Faces!

  5. T+L thinks DC’s full of ugly people? They’re looking at tourists LOL! Besides, it’s published by American Express. That bunch is no group beauty pageant contestants. Ever seen their editorial staff in real life (not their airbrushed photos)?