Task force recommends Metro governance changes

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‘Smithsonian Metro Station’
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…and all of DC says, “Uh, no kidding.”

A task force assembled by the Washington Board of Trade and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments recommended a number of changes to enhance WMATA’s efficiency, accountability, and service quality. Some would be relatively simple to implement, such as a board orientation so that new board members could get acclimated to their roles more quickly.Others would require more effort to amend the compact that established WMATA in the 1960s.

The task force also suggested that a governance commission be established, in addition to the existing board, composed of the mayor of DC as well as the governors of Maryland and Virginia. The idea is that this commission would be better at holding WMATA’s board accountable, but given Virginia’s usual attitude of “thanks for the tax base now please stop asking for money” toward NoVA, I don’t see the Virginia governor being all that effective at making a difference at Metro.

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