Royal Wedding Be Damned, Nerd Prom Will Go On As Scheduled

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‘What’s dominating the papers today! (Day 31 of 365)’
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So, maybe you heard. Prince is engaged and has his wedding date set for April 29th, 2011.

Oh, wait, it’s a prince and not Prince? Damn.

Either way, it sounds like it’ll be a bit of a media frenzy, what with travel to either Minnesota or England. What poor timing, too, as most of the Washington-based media had that late April weekend already booked and planned. The 2011 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner – a.k.a. Nerd Prom – is set to take place on April 30th. Fishbowl DC reports this afternoon that, Royal Wedding weekend or not, the prom will go on:

From Washington Examiner‘s White House correspondent and WHCA board memberJulie Mason:

“There was some consternation because Wills had the shocking bad taste to schedule his wedding the day before our dinner (I thought he was a guest of Fox News this year, apparently not). With so many people broadcasting from London, it was going to be a big panic for them to get back here for the dinner on Saturday. We were also worried thatObama might go to the wedding — although honestly, it doesn’t seem like his thing.

As I like to remind everyone thinking ahead to Nerd Prom: I own a tux and make a fantastic trophy date. Plus, bonus, I’ll actually be stateside because I haven’t gotten a Save the Date from William and Kate yet.

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