Ovechkin Rookie Card Auctions Off at $9k

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So, it’s not the $100,000-plus that a rare, autographed Stephen Strasburg rookie card went for earlier this year, but still, an impressive showing for Washington’s more established superstar from the NHL, Alex Ovechkin. The hockey trading card market is likely a little smaller, so when a decently rare Ovie card recently got posted to Ebay, it’s worth noting that the piece of cardboard sold for just over $9,000 this past holiday weekend. Details on the card from the seller’s page:

When it comes to high-end Ovechkin Rookie cards, you are looking at the rarest of rare here. The Cup is Upper Deck’s premier, high-dollar hockey set released each year, and this is Ovechkin’s Black Rainbow parallel Rookie card, serial #’d 1/1! You don’t just open up a random pack and pull a card like this, it takes serious cash. Just a gorgeous card.

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3 thoughts on “Ovechkin Rookie Card Auctions Off at $9k

  1. Wow. Just… wow. I imagine for $9k you could get season tickets, a team-signed jersey, and a charity auction to have lunch with Ovi himself.

    But hey, the card is… nope. I don’t get it.

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