Things You’ll Only See Once: Derek Jeter as a National

Image edited and created by Chris Olds/Beckett

Some people are having a bit of fun mocking the current situation with long-time Yankee shortstop/all-star/captain, Derek Jeter. As the free agent Jeter works on taking a “reality potion” and scaling back his new contract request from the Yanks, there is some joking speculation as to where else in the world Jeter would go to finish out his career. It’d be really hard to imaging the star playing at home anywhere other than Yankee Stadium, but the longer this drags out, the more curious people get if he really could go somewhere else.

That’s probably why Chris Olds of Beckett undertook some photo editing recently, just to imagine a little bit of what Jeter would look like somewhere else. “Strasburg Who?” reads the Nationals version, and, seriously, this graphic design project is about the closest the Nats will get to having Jeter don the Curly W. Alas, Olds didn’t even use the new jersey design. That’s how you know it’s really not happening.

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4 thoughts on “Things You’ll Only See Once: Derek Jeter as a National

  1. I have fought the urge to write a “Why Jeter to the Nationals isn’t THAT crazy” post. Sell some tickets, build the fan base, trade Espy/Desmond for SP, raise the national profile, etc. Totally crazy still, but if you need to make a FA splash…

  2. Dear Derek
    Retire at the top of your game. You have more money than God, you’re worshipped and adored by the fans. Use the rest of your life for good works and happy family.

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