Quarterdeck Isn’t Closing After All

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A few weeks ago, it seemed Arlington’s Quarterdeck was done, and those searching for crabs this close to the district would be searching out on there own quest. Last night, a curious comment popped up on the original post where we discussed it here at We Love DC:


For a while, it looked like we would have to close. This was finally settled today. We have another 15 year lease. It seems that the landlord, who has also been my friend for the last 15 years, and I had trouble reaching an agreement; it took 3 months. In retrospect, it reminds me more of a family disagreement; now, everything’s back to normal.

I want to thank all of you for the kind emails and the memories of the Quarterdeck you shared. Like you, I have always loved the Quarterdeck from my first visit, which was over 3 decades ago. The most moving story was from someone who lamented she would not be able to bring her children to the QD, as her parents had done with her.

Patrick Morrogh, a nine year veteran of the QD and a manager, will take over the day to day operations. I think the younger folks need to implement fresh ideas. At 62, I will still be in charge of something, but I don’t know what.

We will be updating our website: www.qdrest.com .

Thanks to all of you

Lou Gatti

According to ARL Now, this is the text from an e-mail circulated last night on the same listserv in which Gatti initially announced the closing. It seems pretty legit, so go ahead and make those reservations for a few buckets this April.

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