Quotes from A Benched Redskins Quarterback

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I could wax poetic on the whole quarterback situation for the 5-9 Redskins.


I think it’s more fun just to reprint these gems from Donovan McNabb from his interview on ESPN890 yesterday, the first public comments since losing the starting quarterback job for the Washington Redskins slightly less than a week ago:

“I don’t want to go anywhere…I want to be here. I really do…I don’t believe in starting something and not finishing.”

“The way this whole [getting benched for a guy who hadn’t started in the NFL in two years]* went down, to me, was off and one I strongly disagreed with.”

“I thought [OC Kyle Shanahan and I] had a pretty decent relationship, one that was growing. I still feel somewhat that way.”

To summarize: McNabb wants to stay here, strongly disagreed with getting benched, and he feels like he has a growing relationship with his offensive coordinator. Basically, he’s like an ex- who doesn’t want to break up with you, strongly disagrees with the break-up, and he still has feelings for you.

Here’s to hoping he isn’t a stage-five clinger.

*Note, McNabb said “thing” in place of those editorially-inserted brackets in the second one. I just think it’s worth including the descriptive clause about the new starter.

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