Week 16 Recap – Skins at Jaguars

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‘Santana Moss – Skins’ FIRST DOWN!’
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There are little things to cheer for when your season is all but over. For example, a good one is “ruining any chance your friends’ rooting interest can make the playoffs.” In that sense, you can consider Sunday’s 20-17 overtime victory over the Jaguars a success in the event any of your Florida friends were thinking about January postseason action. Ok, so, technically the Jags aren’t eliminated yet, but, come on, little victories. Skins fans need that.

Click through for a look back at the good and the bad of yesterday afternoon’s action in Jacksonville.

Positives – Coming out hot. Scoring on the first two offensive tries is a step in the right direction for this team, and between last week’s fourth quarter and this week’s start to the game, there is some hope that points can be scored. Of course, like a mediocre golfer, it’s not consistent. Grossman also didn’t look awful, the receiving corps generally played to their abilities, and the Redskins won the turnover battle against a team known for a few too many giveaways. Also, kudos to Graham Gano, who put together his second respectable performance in a row since the debacle in FedEx against Tampa. Gano connected on the game winner in overtime, adding to two PATs and a 48-yarder early in the game.

Negatives – Playing too conservatively with the lead. Up 10-0 at the end of the first and on the ball, the Redskins should have turned on the jets once they shut down the Jags next offensive possession. Instead, Shanahan went run right, run left and left Grossman at 3rd and 5 to try and prevent the punt. Third down conversions are still a weak point of this team, and giving even a mid distance on third with a shaky QB to begin with was a questionable idea. It’s not a surprise that the Skins lost some momentum from that point on until the drive that closed out the third and opened the fourth.

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