JaVale McGee To Enter Dunk Contest That Blake Griffin Will Win

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Word on the street is that the Wizards’ JaVale McGee has accepted an invitation to join next month’s Slam Dunk Contest as part of the NBA’s All-Star Game festivities in Los Angeles. He’s going against one of the hometown guys – and John Wall’s main competition for Rookie of the Year – posterizing forward Blake Griffin, and, barring some sort of miracle, Favre-ian unretirement from slam dunk contests from Dwight Howard, you have to think that Griffin is the favorite. Without the big name, McGee becomes his competition (along with the Bucks’ Brandon Jennings and the Thunder’s Serge Ibaka).

This would be the same JaVale McGee that also missed a certain dunk attempt in December that has been memorialized in glorious animated gif form:

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