Pitiful Lawsuits: Kucinich Suing House Cafeteria Affiliates For Unpitted Olive Sandwich

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‘Rep Dennis Kucinich’
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Let that pun in the headline sink in. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Washington City Paper passes on word that Rep. Dennis Kucinich really couldn’t get rid of the bad memory of a wrap from three years ago that had unpitted olives, so he’s filed a complaint with the DC Superior Court to recover some $150,000 for this “unfit and unwholesome sandwich” he consumed. WCP points back to Gawker’s excerpt with the details from the complaint:

As a result of consuming said unfit and unwholesome food, plaintiff sustained serious and permanent dental and oral injuries requiring multiple surgical and dental procedures and has sustained other damages as well, including significant pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment.

That’s right, not pitting your olives can lead to loss of enjoyment by the right honorable leprechaun from Ohio. Be warned.

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5 thoughts on “Pitiful Lawsuits: Kucinich Suing House Cafeteria Affiliates For Unpitted Olive Sandwich

  1. The wording over loss of enjoyment seems funny and even implies some possible opportunistic play, but 99 percent of the claim seems rational and worthy of consideration for redress. Dave, if your commentary was intended as mere humor, then you suck as a satirist. Your pun was weak and desperate. Leprechaun name-calling was trite and further desperate at getting a laugh. If your commentary was sincere, well, then you simply come across as cynical, witless, and boring. The web is full of your type. I will now, gladly, exit as quickly as I entered this site.

  2. Well thanks a lot, Dave. We now have to live our lives deprived of Adam’s thrilling, and in no way tedious or painful to read, repartee.

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  4. Really. Really??? He should be embarrassed. How many people might lose their jobs if he succeeds with his lawsuit. What a great leader. I’m certainly not against someone being compensated for gross negligence or injury caused through violence or major irresponsibility, but come on already. Kucinich has the best healthcare and dental plan in America, paid for by taxpayers. Get your tooth fixed and quit being a crybaby. According to the lawsuit, he suffered serious and permanent dental/oral injuries that required multiple surgical and dental procedures. Wow, now that’s one heck of an olive pit. We should immediately send it to Afghanistan to help take out the Taliban.