Wintry and Wet Wednesday Update

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‘Winter Commute 05’
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I drew the short straw, so that means I’m the WLDC meteorologist and traffic reporter today. We don’t have an official WLDC weather/traffic copter (my proposal was denied at the last secret meeting), but I was still able to pull together the afternoon weather story.

OPM has announced early release for the federal government – y’all can move along two hours earlier – as the bulk of any afternoon weather will likely be hitting right during rush hour. The National Weather Service is saying it’ll turn to snow around sunset, come down pretty substantially for a few hours, and the system will move out around midnight.

If you drive, drive safely. If you’re taking the metro, don’t punch anyone. If you’re taking the red line, I wish you luck. If you take the bus…um, walking is always a fun option.

UPDATE (from Tom): DCPS has closed evening events, and the Democrats for DC council candidate debate is also cancelled.

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