Redskins Shenanigans Not Related to Dan Snyder

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As if this week wasn’t enough of a PR nightmare for the ‘skins, let’s add another problem child to the mix, shall we? Mister Irrelevant passes along the report: professional breakdancer (have you ever seen his worm?) and at-one-point-this-season Washington Redskin Albert Haynesworth has been charged with minor assault after an incident with another motorist in Reston. The play-by-play, with an interjection from Mr. I:

– Albert Haynesworth was driving his pickup truck, tailgating some guy in a 1994 Honda Civic.

– The guy in the Civic made a “non-verbal hand gesture.” ([Mister Irrelevant] note: Right on, guy.)

– When the vehicles came to a stop, Haynesworth got out and approached the guy.

– The two “had a brief exchange of words, and then [Haynesworth] struck the Civic driver.”

Haynesworth signed a seven-year, $100m deal before the 2009 season. He’s still being paid by the Redskins, I believe.

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