You Can Dodge a Wrench, But Can You Dodge Diabetes?

Photo of the author, circa 2009, provided by Dodging Diabetes.
(Yeah, the organizers put this in their media kit to me. Smart PR.)

Who doesn’t love a good playground game? While I may mock kickball at really every opportunity, I have come to embrace dodgeball over the last years, especially if it is an organized tournament for a good cause like Dodging Diabetes. Not only do events like this offer a healthy dose of recess nostalgia, but by participating, you can help contribute to the $80,000 that the tournaments has raised since it began for Joslin Diabetes Center.

With dozens of teams participating, there will be hundreds of dodgeball players who make their way out to the Champions Fieldhouse in Rockville for the sixth annual event. This year’s tournament is coming up in a little more than a week – Sunday, March 13 – and the early bird deadline for teams to sign up at the discounted $350 rate has been extended to Monday, March 7.

Like the founders of the event – both area natives – I have several family members who face this disease, so it’s an easy cause to get behind. I’ve actually participated a few times in the past, and it really is a ton of fun on top of the philanthropy. Now, I had the advantage of several years of camp counseling under my belt, so I may have come in a bit as a ringer. While I won’t give out too much advice beyond the obvious (Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge), may I remind any players out there that defense can be a darn good offense against a hot shooting team. Now go sign up!

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