The Puck Buddys Bring You a Caps Game Watch

We haven’t given due attention to a great new Caps blog that has taken an innovative position on fandom in the District – Puck Buddys. Carving out a new audience in the hockey blogosphere isn’t easy, but in writing “for boys who like boys who like hockey,” the guys over there have added a really awesome, diverse voice to the world of sports blogging in DC.

A few links by Ted’s Take and man have these guys made it. Just in case that wasn’t enough, the men behind Puck Buddys are hosting a game watch for this evening’s game against the Devils. Go meet the fellas, put on your best Caps gear and go cheer loudly at Nellie’s. More details are available over at PB.

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3 thoughts on “The Puck Buddys Bring You a Caps Game Watch

  1. I am putting this question out there to the awesome folks at We Love DC (and any other Caps fans who live in the city):

    Are there any other places in the city where Caps fans gather to watch games? This seems cool and all, but I’m just not gay, so probably wouldn’t fit in here.

    I usually go to Trusty’s, since it’s by my house, and they always oblige since the owner is a huge Caps fan and the bartenders are usually Caps fans too…but I always feel like I’m the only one of the patrons actually into the games.

    I’ve also tried Rocket Bar, but for home games, that place only seems to be full of Caps fans before and after the game; during the game, it clears out, and during away games it’s like nothing’s happening.

    I recognize that I’m probably not going to find anything close to what you’d find in a true hockey/sports town, such as Pittsburgh, where every other person on the street is wearing a Pens shirt, and hockey games take center stage at most bars during the season. But it would be nice to gather around a bar with a significant number of fellow red-clad hockey fans to watch home games I didn’t get tickets to, and of course, away games. Any ideas?

    Frustrated Caps fan of Hill East

  2. Alex,

    It’s hard to say in the District, especially around the Hill. Some suggestions based on Twitter feedback:

    Fontpage Arlington and Union Jacks- the thing about these two bars is they are not near Verizon Center so you don’t have people leaving at game time. Front Page is a good place to watch away games in-particular.

    Green Turtle and RFD- the problem unlike the VA based bars is they are big pre/post game watering holes. And are stumbling, I mean, walking distance to and from the Phone Booth.

    I have to admit I’m a STH so I watch most home games from the inside. With the playoffs around the corner you might get a good sense, though false from the regular season, of where to watch the games. The best place to watch game is always while Rocking the Red inside Verizon Center. I would try to venture to Penn Quarter/Chinatown though if you’re in the city.

    GO CAPS!