Redskins, NFL Season Still In Question; Preseason Schedule Released Anyway

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You know how we’ve talked about the whole unlikelihood of the Redskins having a 2011 season thanks to a lockout? Well, members of the NFLPA or not, the league is going forward with the idea that the season is going to happen. The first step? Releasing the schedule for the exhibition games that will occur before the season.

In the event things get patched up, the preseason schedule for the Skins is as follows:

Aug. 13 – Pittsburgh
Aug. 20 – @ Indianapolis
Aug. 25 – @ Baltimore, 8 p.m. (ESPN)
Sept. 1 – Tampa Bay

Not to read really too much into things, but is the proposed schedule for a  four-game preseason a sign that the owners will back off the request for an 18-game regular season?

SBNation has a full breakdown on the entire schedule for all teams if you’re interested.

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