Das Bullpen’s Beer List and Prices

Twitpic from @megadue, used with permission

So, you saw Rachel’s post about Das Bullpen like I did and got excited: a biergarten before a baseball game? Sounds awesome. The logical follow-up question, of course, is what kinds of beers are we looking at and how much are they going to run me? After all – part of grabbing a beverage or two before heading into a baseball game is trying to save on the concession price.

A quick search led me to Twitter user @Megadue, who was at Das Bullpen last night, and gave us a shot of the above list. (Nothing says “Biergarten” like Bud Light, amiright?) Cost wise, you’re looking at $7 for imports, $6 for Bud and Meg noted that size is probably 16 oz. Inside the park, Bud Light isn’t to be found (Miller and Coors products are your options for domestic pours), but you’re still looking at $8 to $8.50 for a 16 oz, so the price difference nets out at $2 at the end of the day if you stay domestic and aren’t exceptionally finicky about the difference between Lites and Lights. Of the others, only Bass (I believe) is available inside the park at $1 more.

My initial verdict: I wouldn’t mind me a Leffe or Czechvar before the game, but only one, especially on Thursday/Friday/Saturday when the Scoreboard Walk’s tempting pre-game $5 special may trump a nice beer house style draught.

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One thought on “Das Bullpen’s Beer List and Prices

  1. You can actually get 20oz Miller Lite/MGD/Coors Lite drafts for $8 at concession stands inside Nats Park (unless that changed with the axing of Bud Heavy/Light – or I’m overestimating the ounces).

    $7 for a Czechvar sounds OK to me – though I’m guessing it’s in a plastic cup.

    For cheaper beer close(ish) to the Park – new Bullfeathers by Cap South seems to have some good specials. $2.75 Bud Lights before and after opening day.